It is our key priority to prevent accidents and we therefore ensure the safety of our employees and of the parties involved in our services on a daily basis. That is why we ensure that all necessary safety measures are taken to provide our employees and associates with a safe workplace.

All our vehicles, equipment and lifting gear are certified for suitability by an approved body of the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D.) Our staff is at the heart of KOUTANTE BROS G.P. and this is why we select employees with many years of experience and ensure they are continuously trained on safety issues and on new transport methods and lifting techniques.

For work performed in high-risk areas, in collaboration with our safety technician and experienced mechanical engineers, we document our work methodology, issue a Health and Safety Plan (HSP) and a Lift Plan.

Furthermore, we provide insurance coverage for the transport and lifting of goods, while especially for large projects, we also provide goods and the civil liability insurance.

The consistency and accountability governing our services in heavy lifting are also followed in special transports. For any transport exceeding the limits provided by the Highway Code, we arrange for the issue of transit passes by the competent government agencies to ensure the safe transport of goods and the safety of other vehicles on the road network. Special accompanying vehicles with experienced staff ensure the safety of the special transports we perform.

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